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Kimberley Reunions

Reason Reunion - 2009

From Bill Baerg:

Beyond Reason - a reunion 2009

The idea for a reunion of band members that I played with over the years was hatched long ago, on some road trip to Edmonton or at least North with Tino Ferraro back sometime in the mid to late 80's. I started naming all the guys I played gigs with and Tino was writing them down. That list has never surfaced but the idea never really went away. Thankfully with a little coaxing and some definite help I was finally able to reconstruct the entire list in the fall of 2008 when I ran the idea past Earl Banman and Gary Malone. With their help and support we were able to hold the first Beyond Reason Reunion in the downstairs Ballroom at the Kimbrook Inn.

Gary and Earl did the heavy lifting since they set up the old stage and lights and a PA System which kept them busy for a few days before the weekend to put it all together. I merely made a deal with the owner for use of the Ballroom, a discounted price for drinks and a supply of snack food. On Friday night I think he forgot to tell anyone that the snacks were for us and then on Saturday night the Bartender didn't know the meat was for us as well as the cheese and crackers.

Here's an attendance list from Friday......Aino Jensen & Jackie, Bob Cavelin & Debbie, Earl Banman & Pattie, Edwin Erickson, Edwin Johnson & Karen, Gary Malone, Gerry Cook & Laurie, Howie Bergeron, Tino Ferraro & sons Nick and Alex. Also great to have the support and attendance of my favorite baby sister's entire family including her grandchildren !!

Here's a list from the additions that got there for Saturday night: Brian Varty, Cam Zemp, Brad (Ford) Uphill, Gord Herman, John Gerlitz, Mike Cook. Grand Total for the weekend 15 former band members.

The following list is composed of all of the Musicians that I had played with since being asked to join the first band in 1964 which turned into The Trojans with Vern Peterson, Allan Baerg and myself. We played in a parade in Tofield, we rented numerous community Halls in the area but were never really successful at making any money doing it. In 1967 Aino Jensen came out to the farm and wanted me to join him playing in the local Bar for $15 each for the weekend. That turned into the Norsemen, a Dance band specializing in Old Time Dance music with a few rock songs and a smattering of Country music that was making $400 night. In 1970, Kusty Block asked me to join his band so he got me a job at OK Tire with him and we moved here. In 1973 Kusty retired the Rythmaires and I had to come up with a new name for the coming weekend. Drawing a blank I just grasped at the word "reason" out of the conversation I was having with myself while driving across the Wycliffe prairie that Friday evening and I never came up with anything better. Except for the 1976/77 winter when I came up with The New Shew Review for our newly formed show band put together for the coming Ski season. The hill never opened that year ..... we played New Years Eve and sat around with a few pick up gigs until I could reform and build another clientele. We were house band for the next 6 or 7 years at Kimberley Ski Resort and played Community Dances and Weddings from Edmonton, Lethbridge, Elkford, to Riondele, Creston, Invermere to Golden and 3 Festivals in Prince Rupert. Reason was all done in 1981 when I finally made the decision to spend some proper time with Tammy, Tracy and my good helpmeet, Judy.
Oh yeah, the LIST:

Ralph Alderman, Lorne Archibald (RIP), Garry Anderson, Gene Andersen (Creston) Allan Baerg, Douglas Roy Baerg, Irvin Baerg, Cliff Banman, Earl Banman, Jim Banman, Howie Bergeron, Gerry Bird, Kusty Block, Fred Burrin, Peter Bye (RIP), Bob Cavelin, Garth Clement, Gerry Cook, Mike Cook, Terry Cook, Brad Coutie, Roy Dietrich, Edwin Erickson, Tino Ferraro, John Gerlitz, Gordie Herman, Fred Izon, Aino Jensen, Edwin Johnson, Bobby Johnstone, Cindi Kutreib, Dari Majors, Gary Malone, John Mann (RIP), Mike Mussen, Deni Pepin, Vern Peterson, Ray Petit, George Plante, Rick Rausch, Pat Ronahan, Dan Tanner, Don Teideman, Mike Turner, Brad Uphill (Ford), Jim Valance, Allan Valberg, Odbjorn Valberg, Brian Varty, Jim Wheeler (RIP), Doug White, Harvey Yaremko, Cam Zemp, Dale Zemp (RIP)

The first Reason Reunion was held July 17 and 18 2009 at the Kimbrook Inn.






















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