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Brian Crowe

Quiz 9

December 12, 2011

Yet another Kimberley Quiz - Quiz #9. Those days gone by were very special. There was a different atmosphere in and around the old mining town.

1. It was back in what year that the Kimberley Knights Junior Hockey Team failed to ice a team. Junior hockey in Kimberley was about to fade away forever. What happened?

2. There were 150 spectators watching this event back on September 3 of what year. Two teams battled it out at Rotary Park.

3. What year did the Kimberley Trap and Skeet Club open their new digs out on Wycliffe Prairie?

4. In what year did an 18 year old student die at the Kimberley High School? What was her name and what happened?

5. In what year did a lead zinc and silver Mine close down near Wasa? Who owned it?

6. Back in 1925 it was the Ritz Cafe and Hotel. It was run by Lee Look and Wilson Wong. Then it was the Grill and Oasis Room, In July of 1970 it was renovated and opened by who under the name of what? Another business opened 1968 in what city?

7. In what year did the Kimberley Pollution Control Centre below the Kimberley Golf Course open? In what year did the cominco Water Treatment Plan open near the former control centre?

8. On January 4, 1974, what restaurant opened its doors at 400 Wallinger Ave.? Later Mom's Cafe (1976).

9. Remember back in 1974 when a new currency made it to Kimberley? It was worth a dollar. Who was the photographer who worked for the Bulletin at the time? Not Charlie Wormington.

10. When did the Kimberley Community Theatre start?

11. When did the last ore train come out of the Sullivan mine?

Answers Here


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