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Brian Crowe

Quiz 8

Nov 21, 2011

1. Remember the days when you could have a beer out at Ta Ta Creek? What was the name of their famous burger? What was the name of the pub?

2. The K. P. Hall was noted for many functions. When was it built? When was it torn down?

3. It was a new craze to hit Kimberley in the winter of 1974. What was it? It was hard to bare!

4. What year did the fire destroy Selkirk Secondary School? What was the cost?

5. In 2004 how much did a City Councilor make? Mayor? Fire Chief?

6. Remember the old Dog and Suds eatery? What year did it open? Who was the manager?

7. In what year did the Kimberley Chamber of Commerce have its start?

8. How much do you think it cost for a set of 750 x 14 summer tires at the Old OK Tire Store at 1685 Warren Avenue in Kimberley in 1966?

9. In what year was the Selkirk Duplicate Bridge Club formed?

10. What year did the Kimberley Camera Club form?

11. How many employees were employed at Fabro's lumber mill when it opened in 1946? How much an hour and how many hours a day?



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