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Brian Crowe

Quiz 7

Oct. 12, 2011

Here we go again with more Kimberley trivia, number seven. Things that are gone, sometimes are gone forever. Let's take a look back.

1. Bartholomew Lake opened what year? Only certain people could fish there.

2. In what year did Mayor Jim Ogilvie begin his role as mayor?

3. It was the year a new housing project would come to light at the old Watkin's School yard. Remember? It has been how many years and still the lot is unsightly, but the greatest real estate in town.

4. In what year did a feeding program start to help about 40 mule deer that were starving in the Kimberley area?

5. A flash flood occurred on Mark Creek, two blocs above the Wallinger Avenue bridge. A mudslide cause the creek to overflow its banks. What year?

6. In 1970, what was the population of Kimberley?

7. Marysville Arena gets the green light in what year? Walls came in what year?

8. Kimberley Civic Centre constructed in what year?

9. Now with surrounding bike trails, soccer fields, and golf course, the kimberley Industrial Park is kind of out of place. When was it developed into such?

10. Remember the old North Star T-bar? What a fixture that was in its day. When was it built?

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