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Brian Crowe

Quiz 6

September 16, 2011

Yes, here we go again, the Kimberley Quiz, Part 6. Those days gone by when life was easy and free in our youth here in Kimberley.

1. In what year was the Sacred Heart Church built?

2. How did Meadowbrook get its name?

3. What year did Regalanes Bowling open in Lower Blarchmont? Who owned it?

4. What year did a canoe cross Canada. For what event. Who were the canoe paddlers?

5. Can you guess when the LCB store moved to its present location? Where did it move from?

6. The first pulp production would start at Crestbrook's new pulp mill at Skookumchuk, what year?

7. Remember the Kimberley News paper or the East Kootenay Chronicle? When were their last editions?

8. The Gatehouse property, when was it built?

9. Back in 1942, a city hockey league in Kimberley was formed. It lasted many years, but folded. Then it came back with a vengeance. What year did it start up again? Who started it?

10. Struck - the three man rock band that never was? Or were they? They showed up many places. They were real. Their last engagement was?

Answers Here


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