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Brian Crowe

Quiz 5

Sept. 6, 2011

Here is Kimberley Quiz, part 5. Some of those days were good, some not so good, but all part of our youth here in a small mining town known as Kimberley.

1. In 1964, you could play golf on the only golf course in Kimberley. How much did it cost? How was it rated?

2. When was the Chapman Camp "Seahorse Swim Club" organized? By whom? How many members?

3. The Northstar Mountain Heli-Skiing into the Purcell Mountains started what year? What year did the first in Canada Parallel ski technique come to Kimberley? Who was the instructor?

4. Back in 1939, the Mark Creek store was broken into. How much was taken was unsure, but where did they find the cashbox?

5. What year did the Mac's store and Launderette known as Townsite Grocery open?

6. In what year did the Platzl open in downtown Kimberley?

7. In what year did the Company or Cominco employees go on a four month strike? What did they receive in their strike hamper that was made of rubber?

8. How many years has minor hockey been organized in Kimberley?

9. How many years has Selkirk School been around?

10 In the past, Marysville streets were not numbered. What were their names?

Answers Here


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