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Brian Crowe

Quiz 4

August 19, 2011

Here we go again, more on the Kimberley Quiz, part 4. A look back at days gone by and every day life in and around our old mining town.

1. Remember the huge stack or tower at the Cominco Iron Plant? What year did it come down? Who brought it down to rubble?

2. In what year was Kimberley featured in three high profile magazines? What were they?

3. In 1961, 50 years ago, the Kimberley Ski Club brought in a top instructor, all the way from Austria. What was his name?

4. The Kootenay Trout Hatchery near Bull River opened when?

5. Kimberley's Pollution Control Centre would open when? How much did it cost?

6. Which two golfers played in the Puckster Golf Tournament well into their 90's? One passed away in 1973, the other in 2011.

7. What year did the new tennis courts open at Rotary Park?

8. It was this man who worked in his early years for cominco. He was the "Man with the camera" in Kimberley. Who was he?

9. Another man who guided many a musician through the Kimberley school system. What was He? Who was his best third Coronet over his illustrious career? He was so good, it was like you could hear only one coronet when the band played.

10. What year did the CPR telecommunications office close? Where was it located? Where did it move to?

Answers Here


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