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Brian Crowe

Quiz 3

Aug 15 2011

1. What year did the Kimberley Hotel burn? Who owned it? What local bands opened it up?

2. In 1974, the famous Aikman's Cafe was sold, who bought it?

3. What year were the lights on the longest night run in North America turned on?

4. There was a company of young men, who would gather for meetings. They even had the Pipe Band in their march. Who were they, when did they fold? In what building did they meet? Who led the troops?

5. The new Kimberley Golf Course clubhouse was built when?

6. Who grew the best vegetables or flowers in Kimberley? These two guys who lived close to each other would often argue about it.

7. Back in 1990, the Kimberley Ski and Summer Resort had 10 things to do at the Resort. What were they?

8. What year did Jack Kavanagh, a marathon walker, and Elmer Dixon, a double amputee, who was in a wheelchair, make a walk of sports importance in Kimberley?

9. What year did a very important personality come to Kimberley? Who was he?




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