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Brian Crowe

Quiz 2

Aug 2, 2011

Here are some more memories as the Kimberley Quiz continues.

1. In 1962 when Mae Shaw, Isabel Leith, Ida Calles and Ina Hansen won the Canadian Women's Curling Championship, who was their coach?

2. Back in 1966 a new taxi service would come to Kimberley. It would be L&K Taxi, the service would have two 1966 Fords. What did L&K stand for?

3. A 17 man group would have the distinction of being the largest City Council in British Columbia in 1968. What historic event took place?

4. It's now BJs Restaurant for breakfast and lunch. What was the name before that?

5. In and around the lower parking lot of the Kimberley Golf Course there was a business - old wrecked cars were seen there for years. What was its name and what was its pleasure?

6. When did the first street signs go up in Kimberley?

7. On July 3, 1964, the barber union, local 120 had new prices for haircuts. What were they?

8. Kimberley's first mailmen were? What year?

9. Back in 1966, a new barber shop opened on Howard Street. Who owned it? What was its name?

10. He was known as Sgt. Pepper in 1997. He was known as Hands up Hughie in the 1970s. He was known as Huggie in 2004. Who was he and what happened?

11. On February 1, 1980, the Sullivan Hotel became The Sully. The establishment at that time was called something else, the previous owners were English dart players. What was the name of the bar prior to the Sully? What band opened the Sully?

12. Back in 1968, how many gas stations were there in and around Kimberley?

13. The new Bank of Montreal opened what year? The building removed from its place was? And now the Kootenay Savings Credit Union is in its place.



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