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Brian Crowe

Quiz 13

April 2, 2013

Here is number 13 in the Scoops and Scrapes Kimberley Quiz. I hope you enjoy.

1. When did minor hockey start in Kimberley? Who was the first president?

2. What teachers were the most feared at the infamous A.A. Watkins School?

3. What year did the Green Cup, the symbol of East Kootenay High School hockey supremacy start?

4. Down in Lower Blarchmont there was a hog farm. What was its nickname?

5. What were 12 things you could do up at the North Star Resort back in the day?

6. What year did the Hudson's Bay Company come to Kimberley?

7. In what year did the Skookumchuck Crestbrook mill first produce pulp?

8. As many a worker went to Fording Coal townsite, what year did that community get its name?


Hudson's Bay Store Kimberley

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