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Brian Crowe

Quiz 12

February 2, 2013

Here is another one of those quizzes from our past here in Kimberley and area. Those days we will remember in our hearts - enjoy!

1. What were the nickname of the Kimberley Legion, the Canadian Hotel and the Kimbrook Motor Hotel?

2. In what year were the Dunromin Motel or apartments now, built?

3. Remember the late Bill Moffat? He had a saying of the end of his weekly column, in the Kimberley Daily Bulletin. What was it?

4. Which Kimberley Bakery has been around the longest, the City Bakery or the Mark Creek Bakery?

5. Who wore an "Okala" muscle shirt out at Wasa, broke ash-trays over his head in the Kimberley Hotel, sat down for beer with a bag of money at the table, was a good boxer and took on 100 German soldiers (defeating them) in WW2?

6. What important 'rocks' have their place in and around Kimberley?

7. How many years has the Kimberley Royal Bank been around?

8. Remember the home at Wycliffe that actually revolved? Who lived there? What was this marvel?

Kimberley's Royal Bank

Over the years there were nicknames around Kimberley. Here are a few.

Spook - played for the Dynamiters.
Nelly Bell - a real character, he could put you in a full Nelson if he wanted to.
Fat jack - he scored more goals in Morrison Sub road hockey history than any other.
Wild Thing - to look at this fan's autograph book, it would be priceless.
Boomer - Hot rods are his game, Lazy Lake is his domain.
Lumpy - Played rock and roll here and roll and rocks on T.O.



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