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Brian Crowe

Quiz 10

Jan. 26, 2012

1. When did minor hockey begin here at Kimberley? Who was the first president?

2. Who was known as the Godfather of Minor Hockey in Kimberley?

3. When was the infamous Bob's Hamburgers in Kimberley?

4. When were the first "on the hill" accommodations built on North Star Mountain?

5. When was the Kimberley Lions Club organized?

6. It was names like Camp Champs, Read Enders, Trompers, Farout Freaks, Marysville Bombers, Big Bad Boomers, Silver Bullets, Rattlesnakes, Mountain Devils, Minimiters, (can you believe that name. Minimiters?) And Fireballs. What were these names involved in? What year? It was a five day event.

7. In 1969 the national magazine Chatelaine, conducted a survery to determine the Who's Who of the best schools in Canada. There was one in the Kootenays that made the top 10, out of 65. Those 65 were selected from nearly 18,000 schools. What school was it?

8. In 1961 how many motels were in Kimberley?

9. What happened in Kimberley on July 8, 1961? Who was the mayor?

10. When do you think the Pilsner style lager Kokanee beer came to Kimberley bars? What was the Sasquatch mascot's name? And what year did that little dog who fetched the Kokanee come to Kimberley? What was his real name?



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