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Kimberley Keepers Quiz 2

1. When was the last shift at the Sullivan Mine?

2. When was the Kimberley Pipe Band's first public appearance?

3. What year did McDougall Hall close?

4. When did the Medical-Dental Clinic Building on Howard Street open?

McDougall Hall

5. What year did CM & S (Consolidated Mining and Smelting) Company become Cominco?

6. What year did The ratepayers of Chapman Camp, Marysville and Kimberley came through with a dramatic 84.6% vote in favour of amalgamation?

7. What year did the school board decide to close A A Watkins school?

8. What year was the fire at Selkirk Senior Secondary School?

9. What year did the Kimbrook Motor Hotel open?

A A Watkins School

10. What year did the Marysville branch of the Royal Canadian Legion close?



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