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Kimberley Keepers Quiz 1

1. When did work on the Special Care Home (Pines) begin, and who was the contractor?

2. What year did Kimberley host the BC Winter Games?
How many previous BC Winter Games had occurred?

3. When did the Daily Bulletin begin publishing in Kimberley?

Daily Bulletin Logo

4. In what years did major flooding occur in Kimberley?

5. Guy Marchi is best known for playing in Sensation.
What Kimberley bands did he play in previously?

6. How many Kimberley family histories does Keepers have?

7. What year did the Lost Dawg Singers first get together?

8. What did Ina Hansen, Ada Calles, Isobel Leith and May Shaw accomplish?

9. When was the fire at the Kimberley Hotel?

10. When was the Kimberley Legion formed, and when did it close?

Guy Marchi



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