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Kimberley Pentecostal Church

by J. Davis

The Pentecostal Church was opened in Kimberley in September, 1929. It was known then as the Full Gospel Tabernacle and preached an old fashioned type of gospel based on the fundamental truths of the Bible.

Evangelist John Barnes, assisted by Miss Winnifred Robinson and Miss Rita Elliott organized the assembly and conducted the first gospel meetings.

The first meeting place was a renovated garage and later, a small building on Howard Street about where the Medical Clinic is presently located. The living quarters for Miss Robinson and Elliott was a small shack rented from Mr. Chris Foote for $10.00 a month. Rev. Barnes stayed at the Canadian Hotel. Sunday evening evangelistic services were held in the I.O.O.F. Hall. Some of the people coming in from the outside areas by horse and sleigh, stabled their horses at the livery stable during the meetings.

The first official church board members were John Fridell, Eb. Taylor and James Jordan, Mr. Jordan was also the secretary-treasurer. Archie Harvey was the first Sunday School superintendant and James Davis the Sunday School secretary-treasurer.

Pentecostal Church, 1978.

As the assembly continued to grow, a larger meeting place soon became a necessity. In 1930, a Chinese rooming house and cafe owned by Mah Wing was purchased by the assembly. The building was located between Tony Zak's Store and the Kimberley Motors Garage which were located on the site of the present Super Valu parking lot. The inside walls and partitions were removed, leaving the four walls which served as a church hall for several years. Living quarters were built in the back of the church.

In 1937-1938, under the ministry of Rev. James Allen, the old church building was torn down and a new church was built on the same lot.

In 1958, the Fabro Building and Supply Company built a hardware store on the corner of Wallinger Avenue and Ross Street (Highway 95) and the Super Valu built their store on the adjacent lot. The lot on which the Pentecostal Church was standing was required for a parking lot.

The church property was sold and a double lot was purchased on the corner of Archibald Street and Montgomery Avenue in Lower Blarchmont.

The resident pastor, Rev. A. Bell, besides being a minister of the gospel was experienced in church building and moving. He organized the project and the church was moved to its new location intact except for removing a section of the roof for the procedure.

The church is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada with its headquarters in Toronto. Church activities include a Sunday School, a teenage youth group, and a Women's Ministries group. An outreach program sponsors a hobby club for boys and a missionette group for girls. A womens interdenominational Bible study group meet once a week.

Several young people from the Kimberley Assembly, after graduating from the fellowship bible college have entered the ministry and are active in pastorates in various parts of B.C. Hugh Fraser, who was active in boxing in Kimberley from 1927 to 1930, became the welterweight champion of Western Canada, was a member of the church and became a minister of the gospel.

The following ministers, pastored in Kimberley from 1929 to 1978.

1929-1930 - Rev. J. Barnes, assisted by Miss W. Robinson and Miss R. Elliot.
1930-1931 - Rev. C. Scratch.
1931-1932 - Rev. G. Story.
1932-1935 - Rev. E. Neve.
1935-1937 - Rev. J. Purse.
1937-1940 - Rev. J. Allen.
1940-1941 - Rev. G. Hutchison.
1941-1943 - Rev. A. Lewis.
1943-1945 - Rev. Lang - Rev. C. Story.
1945-1945 - Rev. J. Brooks
1945-1949 - Rev. W. Ball.
1949-1953 - Rev. D. McNutt.
1953-1954 - Rev. L. Penoyer J. Shah.
1954-1957 - Rev. H. Howarth.
1957-1960 - Rev. A. Bell.
1960-1962 - Rev. Dave Rathjen.
1962-1964 - Rev. H. Magnus.
1964-1968 - Rev. J. Richmond.
1968-1977 - Rev. Don Rathjen.
1977 - Rev. A. Main.

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