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Knights of Pythias - by Mark Beduz

Lodge No. 56 was instituted in Kimberley in 1923. The first meeting was held in Charles Morrison's Store where Frank Carlson and a few enthusiastic members decided to form a lodge. Officers were elected with the help of a Brother from Cranbrook's Crescent Lodge No. 23. The lodge was officially instituted with 23 members and the first men to join were Mark Beduz and Les Mawson. The first officers of North Star Lodge No. 56 were: Tom Alty - C.C.
A. A. Polson - V.C.
W. Derbyshire - Prel.
C. L. Iderstrom - M. of W.
J. W. Haywood - K.R.&S.
G. T. Logan - M. of F.
W. Andrew - M. of E.
C. Gonanlock - I.G.
A. Robertson - O.G.
In the early days the meetings were held in the hall above Tom Summers Store. By 1928 the membership had increased to a point where it became necessary for the Lodge to build their own hall. The K.P. Hall was built in the area of the A. A. Watkins School and was the main hall in Kimberley for public meetings and other functions for many years. It was purchased by the School Board in 1971 and torn down to increase the school playground area.

Lodge activities were restricted but regular meetings were twice a month except July and August.

One of the earlier K.P. projects in the community was the sponsoring of an annual banquet and an evening of entertainment for all Kimberley senior citizens 65 years old and over. A group photograph was taken and each person was presented with a copy as a souvenir.

K P Hall

The Lodge is not a charitable organization, but have never hestitated to help the needy, and have made many contributions to local projects. Mark Beduz served in all the Chairs in the Lodge. He was Past Grand Chancellor in 1953 and Supreme Representative on the Supreme Lodge in the United States for two consecutive terms. He has been a member of the the Knights of Pythias for over 50 years.

Members of KP Lodge

Pythian Sisters Lodge No. 27 - submitted by M. Beduz

After the Knights of Pythias has organized their lodge, many of their wives became interested in organizing a woman's lodge. Mrs. Brooks was appointed to find out how many women would be interested in forming a lodge in Kimberley. Her survey indicated a considerable interest and on April 5, 1925 the Kimberley Pythian Sisters received their charter.

The Grand Chief Sister, E. C. Davison from Nanaimo came to Kimberley to officially in-stitute the Temple. The charter members of Lodge No. 27 were:

Mrs. Brooks
Mrs. Anne McLean
Mrs. Sarah Leighton
Miss Mary McLean
Mrs. Armanda Carlson
Mrs. Anne Watkins
Mrs. Hilda Brey
Mrs. Clara Bluemenauer
Mrs. Alice Marsden
After the institution of the Lodge, the Grand Chief Sister congratulated the members and challenged them to increase their membership. The Pythian Sisters are very active in the community and have made many contributions to the Hospital, Pioneer lodge and the Pines Special Care Home. They also help with the retarded children's organization, and have served luncheons for the Red Cross. Their Annual Bazaar has been held for many years and the proceeds were donated to charitable projects.

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