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All Saints Anglican Church

by Iris Giles

In the beginning, the history of the Kimberley Anglican Parish is brief, because records are not available. The first Parish, in what is now Kimberley's Parish, was built by the Otis Staples Lumber Company on their property overlooking the townsite of Wycliffe. Ministers were the Reverend A. B. Lane, about 1917, followed by the Reverend Wells. Organist was Mrs. Margaret Dickson.

The Reverend F. V. Harrison, who came to Cranbrook in 1916, had much to do with the building of our Christian Society, as did the Archdeacon of Kootenay, Fred H. Graham of Nelson.

Records of May, 1925, show the first resident priest, the Reverend Wilfred J. Crick, would arrive in Kimberley in June. A committee was formed of Layreaders J. H. Burrows (not related to the present day family) and Mr. A. A. Ward. As Wardens, the Messrs. J. Barton, F. Willis, E. Marsden, J. Sergeant, F. W. Slade, Mrs. T. V. Lord, Mrs. J. Halpin, and Mrs. C. Selby. Synod delegates were Messrs. A. D. Oakes, D. McLain, J. H. Burrows.

Services were held in the Oddfellows and the K. P. Halls.

Prior to Mr. Crick's arrival, plans were formulated to purchase the site for the Church and to clear the lot for a building. It was found later, that one lot was inadequate, and the Parish bought a second lot in October, 1925, and, still later, a third lot in 1956.

Many of the young boys and their fathers worked along side of Mr. Crick to clear the ground. The Otis Staples Lumber Company was contracted to erect a building to contain living quarters for the Parish priest below the Church. A club room was added in the summer of 1939 by excavating towards the front of the Church. This was also done by the fathers and sons of the Parish. Then in 1946, to enlarge the living quarters suitable for a family, an addition to the back of the Church was built. At this time a sub-basement was also built under the new wing. A bedroom was installed in the sub-basement.

Anglican Church 1978

In 1956, plans were submitted by Mr. B. Houlden, for a permanent Church and Hall. The work continued until, today, a lovely large hall, kitchen facilities, stage, storage space, office space, and washroom facilities have been built.

In July 1925, the Diocese of Kootenay set the boundaries of Kimberley's Parish to include Marysville. On November 15, 1925, the new Church was opened and dedicated in the name of "All Saints", with a congregation of 200 members. In 1926, Miss F. H. E. Hazel, organizer of the Sunday School Vans, assited by Miss Iris Sayle, arrived in Kimberley to organize "the Sunday School by Post", for the children at the Top Mine.

On July 2nd, 1929, the Reverend Crick left the Parish to be in charge of the Church of the Redeemer in Nelson. For the summer, a curate, Mr. A. Briant N. Crowther was in charge, succeeded by the Reverend Kenneth E. L. Cushon in March, 1930. Mr. Cushon left the Parish in September, 1931. For the next year, services were conducted by Mr. Henry Nicholson, with Sacraments administered twice a month by the Reverend F. V. Harrison.

From 1932 to 1934, a combined ministry consisting of the Parishes of Creston and Kimberley, appointed the Reverend Maurice C. Percivall as Rector, ably assisted by his wife, Frederica.

From 1934 to 1938, Cranbrook shared Kimberley's Ministry, ably assisted by the Laity.

From 1938 to 1946, the Reverend B. A. Resker, M.A., formally of Williams Lake and Chilcotin, guided the Parish successfully, until he left for the Parish at Castlegar. He established a building fund and acquired the Fire Bell from Kimberley's fire fighting volunteers, and installed a belfrey to house the bell. Noteworthy was the burning of the mortgage at the St. George's Day banquet on April 24, 1944, Mr. Resker being honoured with the title of the Archdeacon Resker and an organ dedicated "To the Glory of God, In memory of Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Davis".

The Reverend R. C. Henstock succeeded Rev. Resker from 1946 to 1949, and Canon G. C. Turner, New Westminster, rendered services for March and April, 1949.

The Reverend A. R. Eagles from the Fernie - Michel Parish arrived in May, 1949. The Primate of the Anglican Church in Canada, the Most Reverend Frederick Kingston, Archbishop of Nova Scotia, was an honoured visitor to the Parish. In 1951, Mr. Eagles was appointed to Penticton. He was followed by the Reverend Eric Bibby, who was ordained to the priesthood on February, 1952, leaving the Parish in 1954.

The Reverend R. G. Preston arrived, serving the Parish from April, 1954 to December, 1955, and was succeeded by Canon R. E. B. Yerburgh of the Fernie-Michel parish.

Youth work was excellent. The Junior Auxiliary won the Solly Cup Award. Edwards Lake Camp for children was opened. The Diocese celebrated the Jubilee Synod on May 31st to June 2nd, 1960.

October, 1962, Canon Yerburgh was appointed to St. Peter's, Prince Rupert, succeeded by the Reverend Bruce Parry who rendered services from 1962 to 1964. He in turn was succeeded by the Reverend E. M. Kemp from 1964 to 1966. A Musical Workshop was conducted by Mrs. Croos, Trail.

During the period between 1933 and 1934, two homes to house the Parish Priest's family had been rented. In 1966, the apartment under the Church had again become inadequate so a home was purchased in Swan Subdivision. In 1975, the home was sold to the Parish Priest.

From June to August, 1966, the Reverend John Rushton, curate from Kelowna, filled in. In September, the Reverend John N. Dalton was appointed to the Parish, leaving in June, 1969 for the Coast.

In December, 1969, the Reverend E. C. Mumford was appointed to the Parish. An Ecumenical Youth Group was formed. The Mental Health opened the Crisis Centre and Drop-in Centre in the new hall. Day Care also operated in the new hall. At this time, the Bavarian theme was introduced in the Entry-way to the Church and the covered walk to the new hall. The present Priest, the Reverend John E. Robinson commenced his duties in October, 1975.

In 1932, the Guilds and Organizations were formed on a Rural Deanery level. The first Women's Auxiliary was formed in 1933 and held it's first meeting in Kimberley. Later it was known as the Anglican Church Women. Kimberley's original member, Mrs. Susan Shannon, also a Life Member, was honoured for 50 years of faithful service at the Annual Parish Meeting in February, 1975.

Records show that many well known dignitares have visited the Parish. Anglican nuns, Sister Rosemary Ann, 1960, and Sister Julianna in 1964.

Three Lay-readers continued on into the ministry. These were Ralph Bastedo and E. Godfrey White became priests and Sam Dunn joined the Order of the Holy Cross in New York, as Brother Kevin. The only youth from the Parish to become a Priest was Raymond K. Turner who was ordained in 1963.

All Saints Anglican Church in Kimberley celebrated it's 50th Anniversary on November 1st, 1976, and it's 75th in 2001.

The Ministers who served the Parish

Prior to 1925 Archdeacon F. V. Harrison (Cranbrook)

1925-1929  -   Reverend Wilfred J Crick

1929  -   Reverend Briant N. Crowther

1930-1931  -   Reverend Kenneth L. Cushon

1931-1934  -   Reverend Maurice C. Percival (Creston)

1934-1938  -   Archdeacon F. V. Harrison (Cranbrook)

1938-1946  -   Archdeacon Basil A. Resker

1946-1949  -   Reverend R. C. Heastock

1949-1951  -   Canon A. R. Eagles

1951-1954  -   Reverend Eric Bibby

1954-1955  -   Reverend Robert G. Preston

1956-1962  -   Canon R. E. M. Yerburgh

1963-1964  -   Reverend W. B. Parry

1964-1966  -   Reverend E. N. (Mark) Kemp
Summer student John A. Rushton

1966-1969  -   Reverend J. L. (Jack) Dalton

1969-1974  -   Reverend E. C. (Ted) Mumford
Lay readers and Student D. C. Dunbar

1975-1980  -   Reverend J. E. (John) Robinson

1980-1985  -   Reverend Desmond Holt
Lay Readers and Regional Ministers

1987-1991  -   Reverend Bill Patterson

1991-1995  -   Reverend Terry Neilson (Cranbrook)
Lay Readers and Student Patrick Reid

1995-2001  -   Reverend Canon Barbara Stewart

2001-2006  -   Reverend Patricia Horrobin

2006-2007  -   Reverend Canon Katherine Hough

2007-2012  -   Reverend Canon Derrick Smith

2012-2013  -   Reverend Trevor Freeman

2013-2014  -   Pastor Kim Staus (Evangelical Lutheran Church In Canada)

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