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Kimberley Keepers
Betty Oliver's History of Kimberley.

Betty Oliver's History of Kimberley Mines.

A look back at the Bank (of Montreal) Benches.

Some background on the disappearance of Philip Porter: - Part 1, - Part 2, - Part 3.

Some history on the Daily Bulletin (including the 1st Edition).

The Selkirk School Band at Montreal's Expo 1967.

The closure of the McDougall Hall (with extra pictures.)

Starting the construction of Kimberley's Special Care Home.

A Salute to Kimberley

Kimberley: 1890 - 1999
Produced by the Daily Bulletin
Salute to Kimberley
Salute to Kimberley


Articles related to Kimberley's
Bavarian Theme
Bavarian theme Spokane street

December 21, 2001

Last Shift at the Sullivan Mine
(Daily Bulletin article)
So Long Sullivan
Last Shift, Sullivan Mine

The Lost Dawg Singers

Spanning several decades, Kimberley's iconic
Lost Dawg Singers
Lost Dawg Singers

1980 BC Winter Games - Kimberley

Pictures and information on Kimberley hosting the
1980 BC Winter Games
BC Winter Games

Julyfest 1979 Supplemental

13 pages from Kimberley's
1979 Julyfest Supplemental
Julyfest 1979

From the Daily Bulletin, 1979

Daily Bulletin clippings regarding Julyfest 1979
Bulletin Logo
2 Daily Bulletin pictures
(Mixed junior relay team, new platzel section)
Bulletin Logo

PWA Crash - 1978

PWA Crash at Cranbrook AIrport
Pacific Western Airlines crash - 1978

From the Daily Bulletin, 1976

Mike Turner starts working at Kimberley Cable,
and macrame mini-course at Selkirk
Bulletin Logo

From the Daily Bulletin, 1976 / 1961

1961, a blurb on the steel mill and picture of the Chamber of Commerce
1976, The Purcells (first condos built on the ski hill.)
Bulletin Logo

From the Daily Bulletin, 1961

Kimberley's Chamber of Commerce Week (1961)
Bulletin Logo
Kimberley pictures from 1961
City Council & Chamber of Commerce
Bulletin Logo

Locally shot Movie - Bullies

The Wikipedia entry for the movie Bullies
Bullies Movie Poster

A guitar story from John Gerlitz
Silvertone Guitar

Some background on Kimberley

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