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McDougall Hall Closure

Landmark On Way Out

Daily Bulletin: Aug 29, 1969

The death knell was sounded last night for McDougall Hall.

Following receipt of a petition from adjacent residents that the old recreational facility be closed down and demolished, the canteen lease holder will be given a month's termination notice and demolition tenders will be advertised. All useable equipment will be taken out prior to demolition.

In very poor physical condition, demolition of the Hall was inevitable. There is no janitor, Mr. Stanton, boxing instuctor, is through on August 31st; the heating plant requires extensive repairs, and there is no money for the repairs necessary. The petition only served to bring matters to a head.

It is felt the public will not miss the old facility, except for sentimental reasons, since under the joint School-Recreation Commission Planning Committee, school halls will replace it.

Plans are to fence and seed the area.

McDougall Hall

McDougall Hall Stripped

Daily Bulletin: Oct 20, 1969

City of Kimberley crews have just completed the job of stripping clean all of the valuable articles from McDougall Hall. The move, as outlined at last Thursday's council meeting, was to prevent further damage by local candals.

The report brought Alderman Vic Dick to the edge of his chair as he proclaimed, "this whole situation has been handled very badly at McDougall Hall. Why can't he police protect the building! Why couldn't it be properly protected."

One Alderman replied, we have never been able to police it when it was opened - it was being destroyed. Now that it's closed, there is just no way.

Council members also heard that the ad to have McDougall Hall torn down did not attract takers.

The future of the old building was not discussed further at the meeting.

McDougall Hall partially demolished

McDougall Hall Goes

Daily Bulletin: Nov 21, 1969

S.Higgins Construction of Kimberley was last night awarded the contract for the removal of McDougall Hall. The contract with Higgins Construction which will take effect immediately will allow the local firm two months to tear down the structure of the building and till May 31st to completely clear the land area.

Council will pay the company $3,000 for the demolition job. A second bid for the removal was rejected by the Council, the bid was $3700. The move brings to an end the long history of McDougall Hall which for many, many years, was the centre of all activities in our community. In recent months the hall has been used for activities other than athletics, and authorities are most pleased that the old structure will now be completely demolished.

McDougall Hall
McDougall Hall 1
McDougall Hall
McDougall Hall 2
McDougall Hall
McDougall Hall 3
McDougall Hall
McDougall Hall 4
McDougall Hall
McDougall Hall 5

McDougall Hall pictures courtesy of Brian Crowe.

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