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Bullies (1986)

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The peaceful Morris family moves to a small town and buy the town grocery store, only to run into the Cullens, a family that's been bullying the townspeople for years, and they begin to torment the Morrises every chance they get. Matt Morris (Jonathan Crombie) begins seeing a girl named Becky (Olivia d'Abo), whose last name is unfortunately Cullen. In this Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship, Matt and Becky have to keep their relationship a secret, but when the feuding families find out, harassment is elevated to vicious assault.

Bullies Movie Poster

  • Jonathan Crombie as Matt Morris
  • Janet-Laine Green as Jenny Morris
  • Stephen Hunter as Clay Morris
  • Olivia d'Abo as Becky Cullen
  • Bill Croft as Ben Cullen
  • Bernie Coulson as Jimmy Cullen
  • Adrien Dorval as Judd Cullen
  • William Nunn as Jonah Cullen
  • Dehl Berti as William Crow
  • Wayne Robson as Vern
  • Ed Milaney as Frank Furlong
  • Brock Simpson as Annies toothpick full of tooth paste

  • Directed by Paul Lynch
  • Produced by Peter Haley
  • Written by Bryan McCann and John Sheppard
  • Music by Paul Zaza
  • Cinematography Ren Verzier
  • Editing by Nick Rotundo
  • Studio Allarcom Limited
  • Distributed by Universal Pictures
  • Release date(s) August 29, 1986
  • Running time 96 minutes (CAN)
  • Country Canada
  • Language English
  • Box office $2,995,527
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