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Bavarianization Index Page

This page will be the index page for all Bavarian themed Keeper articles.

Wednesday, November 6 / 13 Some background on Bavarianization Parking is Here.

Wednesday, October 23 / 13 Material on Kimberley's Happy Hans Bavarian Campground is Here.

Thursday, July 11 / 13 Some Bavarian-themed material from a 1974 Julyfest supplemental is Here.

Wednesday, July 3 / 13 An article from the 1975 Winter edition of the Beautiful B.C. magazine on Kimberley's Bavarianization is Here.

Friday, June 21 / 13 A 1978 Bavarian Society/Chamber of Commerce brochure is Here.

Wednesday, June 5 / 13 An August 1973 Bulletin article - "A Mulititude of Postive Results" is Here.

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