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Comparison Pictures of Kimberley

Some changes, and similarities over the years

Aikman's Cafe
1. Aikman's
Bill's Radio and TV
2. Bill's Radio & FV
Deer Park Avenue
3. Deer Park
4. Fabcos
Lloyd's Hardware
5. Lloyds
Post Office
6. Post Office
Spokane St. South
7. Spokane St. South
8. Normans
Maes Hardware
9. Maes
Gift Store
10. Gift Store
Spokane St. North
11.Spokane St. North
Gasthouse Restaurant
12. Gasthouse
Blarchco Hardware
13. Blarchco
Station Restaurant
14. Station
Masons Mens Wear
15. Masons
Bavarian Esso
16. Bavarian Esso
Lindsay Park
17. Lindsay Park
18. Delamonts
19. Arcade
Blarchmont<br>Dry Cleaners
20. Blarchmont
Dry Cleaners
Spokane St. South
21. Spokane St. South
A. A. watkins
22. A. A. watkins
23. Tonys
Presbyterian chuch
24. Presbyterian chuch
Deer Park Ave
25. Deer Park Ave
Deer Park Ave
26.Deer Park Ave
27. Overwaitea
Blarchmont School
28. Blarchmont School
Spokane St. South
29. Spokane St. South
Catholic Church
30. Catholic Church
Bulletin office
31. Bulletin office
Orpheum Theatre
32. Orpheum Theatre
Kimberley Motors
33. Kimberley Motors
KP Hall
34. KP Hall
Meadowbrook School
35. Meadowbrook School

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