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Kimberley Families

The Woodey Family
as told by son, Bob

Robert Woodey was born in Devonshire, England. He came out to the United States and married a girl in Michigan. They had two daughters, Rosalia and Myrtle while they lived there during the mid 1890's.

At the turn of the century, Robert migrated to Rossland, B.C. with several members of both families. It was here in 1902 that a son, Robert Jr. (Bob), was born.

About this time Robert went to Spokane and started a livery stable. His wife and family joined him in 1904. The livery business did not work out and he succeeded in going broke.

In 1909, Robert came to Kimberley and got work at the Top Mine. His two daughters were married and remained in Spokane when his wife and son Bob joined him in 1912. He became a shift boss and later a foreman at the Top Mine.

Bob remembers one of his teachers was Miss Jessie Kennedy, that later married Bill Lindsay. Some of the families that lived near by were the McEacherns, Houles, Wilsons, Gambles, Myrenes, Millers, Flemings and Caires. Bob joined the British Army in 1918 at age sixteen and returned to Kimberley in 1919, just in time for the O.B.U. strike.

Three Generations of Bob Woodey's in front of Top Mine School

His mother had passed away in 1918 and his father remarried Lillian Forney of Spokane in 1920. When Robert retired, they moved to Victoria and he died in 1951.

Bob retired in 1966. He and his wife Kathryn have two sons, Robert and Thomas and in October of 1978, they celebrated their fifty-fifth Wedding Anniversary. They now reside in Woodenville, Washington.

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