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Kimberley Families

The Harry Stone Family

as told by daughter, Irene

Harold (Harry) Stone was born in Gloucester, England, and learned the carpentry trade. He first came to Regina and then went south to San Francisco for a short time, and was there during the 1906 earthquake. Later, that same year, he came to Trail where he began his long career with the Company. He returned to England in 1908 and married Rose Amelia Mary Jones and brought her to Trail where they made their home for the next fourteen years. He worked as a carpenter and five children were born: Wilfred, Marjorie, Irene, Ernie and Stan.

In 1922 the Company needed carpenters to build a Concentrator in Kimberley, so Harry was transferred to Chapman Camp as foreman of the Carpenter Shop. Their first home was a tent, as houses could not be constructed fast enough to accommodate all the workers. Many families lived in tents for as long as three years.

Harry Stone held a key position as outside foreman during the building of the Concentrator and, as time went on, many buildings and houses also bore his imprint.

He soon became involved in the entire development of the community of Chapman Camp and acted on many committees as the village grew: The recreation hall, the curling rink, swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling greens, skating arena, to mention a few. He was a Reeve for a time and his favorite hobby was gardening so naturally he was involved in all the horticultural shows. His years of work as President of the Boy Scouts, prompted the Scouts to name their Camp on St. Marys River, a few miles from Marysville, "Camp Stone".

Wilfred, his eldest son, began working for the Company in the warehouse at the Concentrator and spent his entire forty-eight working years there. He married Jessie Hay from Regina and they have two sons, Wayne and Robert. Wayne married Barbara McArthur, the daughter of the Mine safety engineer. They have two children and now reside in Delta. Robert married a Cranbrook girl, Ivana Zuccolin, and they have one son and live in Cranbrook. Wilfred retired in 1975 and moved to Cranbrook.

Marjorie worked in the ladies wear department of the Mark Creek Store before her marriage to Bob Willis of Cranbrook. His father owned and operated the greenhouses there for many years. Bob was an electrician for the Company at the Concentrator for about fourteen years, but when his father retired, Bob and Marjorie took over the greenhouses and the flower shop.

 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stone.

Irene worked at the Oughtred Hall in the canteen and the Post Office for Tommy Ellison, before her marriage to John McKay. He was a pipefitter at the Concentrator for forty-seven years. They had four children: Ronald, Barry, Brian and Carol Anne. Ronald is an R.C.M.P. officer at Fort Macleod. He married a Nova Scotian girl, Dolores Morris, and they have two children. Barry still lives in Chapman Camp and is a millwright for the Company at the Fertilizer. Plant. He is also a goalie for the Dynamiter Hockey Team. He married Annette Potrun and they have one son, Brian, who is working in Vancouver. Carol Anne has just finished a course at Camosin College. She studied equipment management.

Ernie Stone followed in his father's footsteps and became a carpenter, working at the Concentrator. He married a nurse, Gesine Erickson, from Prince Albert, who came to nurse in the Kimberley Hospital. They live in Cranbrook and Ernie commuted back and forth. He had been with the Company for over forty years when he retired in 1975. Ernie also used to raise horses and still has a few. They have two sons, Darrel and Guy. Darrel lives in Cranbrook and Guy is a pharmacist in Colville, Washington. Both boys are married.

Stan is a welder for the Company at the Fertilizer Plant and lives in Chapman Camp. He married Marion Johnson and they have three children: Edward (Teddy), Larry and Darlene. The two boys are in Vancouver and Darlene is still a student.

When Marjorie and Bob moved to Cranbrook, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stone sold their big house and moved into the smaller one. They celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in April of 1958 and Harry passed away in December of the same year. Mrs. Stone lived until she was almost ninety-four and passed away in 1975. She was still living in her own home and taking care of herself.

If all the years of service with the Company by the Stone family, including sons, sons-in-law and grandchildren, were added up, it would make a very impressive figure.

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