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Kimberley Families

The Alex Pearson Family

as told by son, Alex

Alexander (Alex) Drummond Pearson was born in Aughterderran, Scotland, in 1901 and was a stone miner. He married Kate Davis in 1919 and they had four children before they left Scotland: James, Helen, Eddie and Alex, Jr.

Alex came directly to Kimberley in 1928 by himself. Three of his brothers had come out in 1922 to Coleman and later to Kimberley. They were James, John and Harry. A fourth brother, Andrew, remained in Scotland, but his sister, Euphemia Pearson, married Archie Tait and they too, had come to Kimberley in 1927.

Six months later, in the spring of 1929, Alex sent for his family. Alex Jr. had been born after he left for Canada. He obtained work at the Concentrator and became a mill operator. Alex was also musical, and joined his brother James' band.

Three more children were born in Kimberley: Euphemia (Phemie) , Joe and Mariori. The eldest son, James died of peritonitis at the age of eighteen. Helen joined the Air Force and married Stan Middleton and did not return to Kimberley. She still resides in Toronto.

Eddie first went to work at the Mine and later transferred to the Fertilizer Plant where he has worked since it first started producing. He married Shirley Leech and they have three children. Deanna now married and living in Victoria. Jim is a third generation working for the Company and married to a school teacher, Colleen Verdiel, and they live in Marysville. Tanis is working for the Government in Victoria.

Seated: Jimmie Jr., Alex Sr., James Sr., Harry Sr., Jimmie (Putt), 
Eddie. Standing: John, Jimmie (3rd generation), Harry Jr., Alex Jr., Archie Tait Jr., Archie Tait Sr.

Alex Jr. works at the Concentrator and is now shift supervisor. He married Peggy Baumback. They also reside in Marysville and have five children, four girls and a boy: Abbie, Susan, Jodie, Judy and Tammie. Abbie graduated from High School in 1978.

Phemie married Jerry Lundahl and they live in Duncan with their three children. Marion was just twenty when she died in 1957.

Joe took an apprenticeship in the machine shop at the Mine and has been transferred to many of the Company properties over the years: first in Trail in 1956 for one year, then back to Kimberley until 1961. Since then he has been at the H. B. Mine at Salmo and Pine Point in the North West Territories. He was at Riondel until it closed, and for a time at Potash in Saskatchewan, returning to Kimberley in 1975.

While he was in Trail, he met a Phillipine nurse, Ligaya (Joy) Matudan, working in the hospital there and they were married in Trail. They have three children: Andrew, Christopher and Sandra.

James' and Alex's brother, Harry, actually was the first one of the Pearsons to come to Kimberley in 1923. James' son, Jimmie, came the following year and stayed with his uncle Harry until his own family arrived. (Harry and Alex were on the executive committee of the Chapman Camp Lawn Bowling for many years.)

Harry had two children, James (Putt) and Elizabeth (Betty). Putt married Kathie Farquar now deceased. They had one son now living in Cranbrook. Betty married Cliff Kelburn, a surveyor for the Company. They now reside in Ottawa and have two children: Elizabeth and Kathie.

Eddie, Alex and Joe are all still living in the area and working for the Company.

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