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Kimberley Families

The Norman Moore Family

Many people of the Kootenays will remember Norman and Elizabeth Moore. Norman first came to this area from Fort Steele, and he worked in the old sawmill at Marysville after having been in the lumber camps around the Bull River district. Later he went to the Top Mine where he was on the Timber Gang, about 1917-18.

About this time an opening in the Forestry oc- curred and he became a Forest Warden for a number of years. Along about 1919 or thereabouts he and his wife, Elizabeth, moved to Cranbrook, where he continued with the forestry service, until he was appointed Superintendent of the lumber camps in connection with the B.C. Spruce Mills.

When Norman worked at the Top Mine he used to say that they should be re-planting the trees, and his co-workers laughed at him. Now, after all these years, that is just what they are doing. He passed away in 1937 on Armistice Day. His wife was Elizabeth Cameron, of the Camerons of Mayook, and they had one daughter, Imogene.

In Kimberley, the Moores lived in a little white house on Howard St., almost across from C.A. Foote's store.

Norman was a bird dog fancier, and they raised the liver and white cocker spaniels as a sideline. Hunting was enjoyed by him, and Elizabeth also was an ardent sportswoman. Besides the usual wild game, black bears fell to their guns.

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