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Kimberley Families

The Nicholas McKenzie Family
as told by son, Ken

> Nicholas Presso McKenzie was born in Beauly Kilmarnoch, Scotland in 1883, one of seven children. In 1892 William McKenzie, his father, brought the entire family to Seattle, Washington, but he considered that city was no place to raise a family, so moved inland to Enitiat near Wenatchee.

One of Nick's sisters married and moved to Edmonton, Alberta and when he came to stay with her, her husband taught Nick how to be a carpenter.

Elizabeth Jane Duquid came to Tofield, near Edmonton, with her family from Glencoe, Ontario. Nick and Elizabeth were married in June of 1910.They spent their first two years in Forest Hills, Alberta. Nick moved around for the next few years, working where ever a carpenter was needed.

They moved to Trail, B.C. where a son, Donald was born. Mrs. McKenize went home to her family in Edmonton when her second son, Murray, was born. A daughter, Jessie, was born in Trail, but again she went home when Ken was born.

Nick worked at the St. Eugene mine in Moyie for a time before being transferred to Kimberley in the spring of 1922 to help build the Concentrator. The family moved to Chapman Camp in the summer so the children could begin school in September. A fourth son, Robert, was born in Cranbrook as there was no hospital facilities in Kimberley as yet. The house that was moved from Moyie to the foot of the Townsite hill to become Dr. Hannington's small hospital and his home, was the house the McKenzie family lived in while in Moyie.

Nick worked for the Company as a carpenter and then Mill Foreman until he retired in 1949. He and Mrs. McKenzie moved to Penticton for a couple of years, but ill health brought Nick back to Kimberley in 1951. With the help of his son, Ken, he built a new home in Marysville where he enjoyed gardening and walking. He passed away in January of 1970.

The three older boys all started work for the Company. Donald married a Chapman Camp girl, Isa Young. Don was transferred to Trail where he spent his working years. Now retired, he still lives in Trail. They have one son, Donald, now a chiropractor in Edmonton.

Murray became a heavy duty mechanic and worked for several mines around B.C. He married Rose White also of Chapman Camp, and they have two daughters, Kathleen and Beverly. Murray passed away in 1969 of a heart attack, just before he retired.

The Nick McKenzie Family, Don, Jessie, Nick, Elizabeth, Ken,
Murray and Robert.

Jessie graduated as a nurse in Vancouver and went north to Atlin, about sixty miles south west of Whitehorse, Yukon. She has been an Outpost Nurse there for forty years. She married Cyril James, a northerner. They have two daughters, Beth and Donna and a son, Thomas.

Ken followed in his fathers footsteps and became a carpenter, starting in 1935 and retiring in 1976. He married Gladys Hay in 1945. She came from Winnipeg in 1943 and worked for Whistlecroft's Jewelers. Their daughter, Heather, operated a beauty salon in the Bay in Cranbrook's new Tamarack Mall. Their son, Rick, is an operator in the acid plant, a third generation to work for the Company.

All four boys played Junior hockey. Donald and Murray played on an intermediate team that won the B.C. title one year and Murray had one season on the Dynamiter team.

In summer, there was softball games. From 1935 to 1938, the Concentrator had a League of its own with several teams competing among themselves. The Staff, the yard, the apprentices, the shop, the Entwistle Shift and the O'Connor shift, seven teams in all.

Ken was the first boy in Chapman Camp that delivered the Daily Bulletin. He remembers delivering the first issue of the paper and he got to know everyone that lived in Camp.

Mrs. McKenzie lived in the house in Marysville for a few years after Nick passed away, but she finally went into the Dr. Green Home in Cranbrook for awhile, then moved to the Special Care Home in Kimberley. Recently she has been in the Extended Care Unit of the Kimberley Hospital and celebrated her ninety first birthday in 1977.

She was an active person in Hospital Auxiliary work. She did a lot of lawn bowling in her younger years and can still playa good hand of bridge, a game she very much enjoys.

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