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Kimberley Families

The Harvey McKenzie Family
as told by daughter, Vivian

Harvey McKenzie married one of the Inches family of Rossland in 1910.They moved to Moyie where Harvey worked for the St. Eugene Mine for about three years. He was then transferred to the Top Mine at Kimberley about 1913. They were friends of Alice and Fred Ege and Lottie and Tom Evans. The three couples owned a Ford car between them.

Their friends in Marysville knew when a daughter Vivian was to be born, as Harvey drove the car through there at a higher than usual' speed en route to Cranbrook.

Tom Evans was an electrician at the Top Mine, Fred Ege was the Mine Foreman and Harvey was the master mechanic.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McKenzie.

Vivian remembers her mother telling her about the three women sleigh riding down into Kimberley, using mink muffs as cushions on the sleigh. The men would drive down after work and all would ride home in the car.

In 1918, when Vivian was only three, they moved to Vancouver. Later Harvey spent several years at the Pioneer Mine in the Bridge River area after leaving Kimberley.

Vivian became a teacher and taught for a number of years at Pioneer Mine. She was an only child and she married John Berry, a lawyer with the Workman's Compensation Board in Vancouver. They have four daughters, three are now married.

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