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Kimberley Families

The Luberg Family

as told by Elvira and son, Peter

Elizabeth Fjelstrom was a camp cook in the mining area of Norway. She married Andrew Aakre and they had two sons: Oscar, born in Mo, and Toralf, born in Sulitjlman. Andrew was killed in a mining accident. In 1921 Elizabeth married Per (Pete) Luberg who also worked in an iron mine that straddled the border of Sweden and Norway. He was a blaster, driving tunnels in the mine.

Toralf (Tom) was still a young lad when he became a mail boy between two of the mines and he was sometimes responsible for carrying the payroll of as much as $25,000.

In March of 1926, Pete and Elizabeth and the two boys sailed for Canada on the Ascania and landed at Halifax. The immigration detained Pete, as they questioned his ability to support a family, due to an injury to his left hand when he was young. At the same time the boys entered Canada under the name of Luberg. Elizabeth and the boys travelled to Waldon, Saskatchewan, where they lived with relatives until Pete could be cleared. He joined them six weeks later.

They came west to the Sandon country where Pete and the boys went to work for the Lucky Jim Mine, although Tom was still too young to work underground. They also worked at Copper Mountain for a few months. Pete and Tom came to Kimberley in 1928 while Oscar stayed at Copper Mountain. Pete got work with the Company underground and Tom drove taxi for Webb Grant for a short time before he too went mining.

Pete became interested in skiing and, when Kimberley formed its first Ski Club, Pete was voted their first President. This was the beginning of one of Kimberley's major sports as can be seen today.

Pete worked for the Company until 1954 and passed away in 1956. Elizabeth was almost blind in her last few years and she died in 1960.

Oscar also worked for the Company in Kimberley for several years. He married Doris Williams of Golden and they had one daughter, June. He died in 1961 following a lenghthy illness.

Tom married Elvira Sundquist of Yahk. Her parents had homesteaded in Buchanan, Saskatchewan, from 1902, before it was changed from the Northwest Territories to a Province. Three daughter were born there, Edna, Elvira and Viola. In 1927 they moved to Yahk and ran a dairy farm for a number of years.

Pete amd Elvira Luberg

Edna married Charles Halgren, a miner for the Company in Kimberley. They have five children: James, Carl, Ruby, Gertrude and Linda. James married Alice Cervo and they have three sons and reside in Lois Creek. Carl married Linda Berger and they have two children and they also live in Kimberley. Ruby is now Mrs. Elton Thompson and they live in Prince George with their seven children. Gertrude married Ron Benson and they have four children and live in Cranbrook. Linda married Ron Stuckey and they have two children and also reside in Cranbrook.

Viola married Algot Johnsson of Yahk and remained there. They have one daughter, June.

Elvira (Vera) worked in Harpers Tourist Camp in Yahk during the summers, and in Kimberley in the winters. She married Tom Luberg in 1937. Tom started working for the Company as a miner in 1934. They had two children: Peter (Pete) and Elvina. Both received their schooling in Kimberley until Pete graduated and attended Notre Dame in Nelson. He entered the employment of the Bank of Montreal in Kimberley for two years before transferring to Vancouver for one year. He quit the Bank and went to work in the Income Tax Department in Calgary. He married Melva Thomson in Innisfail in 1970. He moved back to Kimberley in 1974 where he much prefers the small pleasant town atmosphere. He works in Cranbrook for the Canada Employment, Immigration Commission, which entails one day a week in Kimberley's Department of Human Resources. Pete enjoys skiing, fishing and camping. He is now the President of the men's softball club, "The Gophers".

Elvina worked at the City Hall before her marriage to Tom Richardson, a mechanic for the Kimberley School Board. They have three daughters: Terri Lee, Vicki Lynn and Sandra Dee. Elvina is now working at the Pines Special Care home.

In 1950 Tom Luberg suffered a severe heart attack and was advised not to work. He went on sick leave and retired in 1962. He passed away in 1976.

Elvira (Vera) went to work in the Post Office in 1952 and remained for twenty-five and a half years. She retired in this year of 1978.

In 1951 they had purchased the last house on the low road to the Mine parking lot and did quite a bit of renovating over the years. This is where Vera still resides. Being close to the wooded area at the foot of North Star Mountain, she often sees wild animals such as coyotes, bear, deer and she even spotted a large moose one morning. It had wandered into town as far as the Legion Hall before it decided to return, walking right past the house. She has birds and squirrels in her yard that she feeds all winter, including bright blue Canada jays.

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