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Kimberley Families

The Knickerbocker Family
as told by Peggy

David Knickerbocker was born and raised in Pennsylvania. In his youth he was a bit restless and moved from place to place. He met and married Della Burrel in Sarnia, Ontario, in 1901. They then moved back to Pennsylvania. A son, Ralph, and a daughter, Mildred (Peggy), were born. Later the family moved to Regina for seven years where the children went to school. Another move took them north to Grande Prairie, Alberta, and then to Drumheller.

Mr. Knickerbocker was a millwright. Mrs. Knickerbocker had a brother-in-law, Phil Johnson, in Kimberley and it was through him that they came here in 1925.

David's first job was working with Bill Green and Bill Philpot doing delivery work for the Com- pany. He finally got a job underground on night shift. He worked on transportation, bringing train loads of ore out of the mine. This he worked at for eighteen years.

Mrs. Knickerbocker opened up a small milliners shop in one room behind the barber shop that was attached to Summers Store. When the Bank of Commerce moved out of Kimberley, she bought the building. It stood on the corner of Spokane Street and Wallinger Avenue, where the gas pumps for Oakley's Garage now stand. It was a two storey building with an apartment up- stairs and another in the back. She opened up a beauty parlor in conjunction with her milliner shop and had different girls operate it for her. Three of the girls were Dawn Donald, who married Doug Keiver, and Ethel and Musie Douglas. Mrs. Knickerbocker made the hats that she sold.

When her daughter, Peggy, married Allan Keer in 1929, they moved into the apartment upstairs, while Mr. and Mrs. Knickerbocker occupied the one at the back of the store. Musie Douglas married Allan Keer's brother, Warren. They opened up a dry goods store in Marysville.

Later, Allan and Peggy also moved to Marysville. Both couples are retired and still reside there. Allan and Peggy had one son, Jack, born in 1930. He was killed in a car accident in 1953. He was the only one that could have carried on the Keer name.

Ralph Knickerbocker married a Cranbrook girl, Rita McBurny, and they live in Calgary where he worked for the Imperial Oil before retirement.

Mrs. Knickerbocker passed away in 1940. After Mr. Knickerbocker retired, he lived in Marysville with his daughter, Peggy and her husband until his death in 1963.

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