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Kimberley Families

The Hryniuka Family

as told by Pete

Pete Hryniuka was born in Rawa Rysha in the Ukraine. He was brought to Canada by his parents in 1911. They homesteaded in the Thorhild district north of Edmonton.

Pete struck out on his own at sixteen years of age and began working as a wiper on the old Grand Trunk railroad, now the C.N.R. in Edmon-ton. For a year he was with the Dominion Telegraph on the ground crew, stringing wires from Jasper to Spences Bridge. By the spring of 1923 he was working at a gold mine in northern B.C. and that fall he rode the rods from Vancouver to Rossland and got a job underground there.

In the fall of 1926 he came to Kimberley seeking work with the intention of making enough money to return to Vancouver. That was fifty-two years ago and Pete is still living in Kimberley.

He worked as a miner underground most of the time but from 1952 to 1957 he worked at the open pit. He retired in 1964 as a slusher hoistman.

Pete had a brother Harry that came to Kimberley in 1925 and worked for the Company for eighteen years and moved away in 1943.

Pete married a girl from Yahk, Effie Kiseluk and they had one daughter Mary. Effie passed away in 1940 when their daughter was just ten years old. On a visit to his family in Thorhild, he met the daughter of another Ukraine family. The Buhay and Hryniuka families were neighbors and Pete married Olga Buhay. Both families still own property in that area.

Pete's daughter Mary married Dick Graham. He was a baggage man for the C.N.R. in Jasper where they still reside. They now have two sons Dick and Bob.

Pete and Olga visit their families in Thorhild often and spend time helping on the farms almost every spring and fall. They enjoy travelling and fishing and since his retirement, Pete has joined the pensioners bowling.

Olga volunteers her services to the Hospital Auxiliary and works in the Thrift shop. She is a member of the Ladies of the Moose and assists them when they cater to banquets. Her hobby is embroidery and she has many beautiful woolen cross stitch cushions and embroidered pictures. She has given away dozens as gifts.

They once considered moving to Kelowna or Vernon, but found their friends in Kimberley were much better than a milder climate among strangers.

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