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Kimberley Families

The Hild Family

as told by May Slade

Albert Hild came from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, in the early 1900's and settled in the southern part of Alberta. After several moves he eventually settled in the Bow Island district near the Doran family.

They had six children, Alfred, the eldest was old enough to remain in Sault Ste. Marie and never did move west. The other five were Anne, Dorothy, Victor, Carl and Albert Jr.

Dorothy Hild and May Doran became close friends and would ride horseback to school together. Like many other families, the Hilds too experienced crop failures. Mr. Hild obtained work at Elko B.C. when the dam was being built there. In the fall of 1925, the Hilds moved to Chapman Camp where Mr. Hlld got work as a carpenter at the Concentrator. They were one of the many families that lived in tents until permanent homes could be built. The Company had been busy erecting the cookhouse, bunkhouses and recreation hall, and folks just didn't have time to build their own houses.

Their daughter Anne had married before they moved to Chapman Camp and they went to Saskatoon. Dorothy married Dick Ross, a metallurgist working for the Company at the Concentrator. He was transferred to Trail and later Yellowknife and back to Trail. They had four children, Carol, Patsy and twins, Rod and Lynn. Dorothy passed away in 1967 and Dick retired and is living in Toronto. Vie married Isobel Parker of Cranbrook, a school teacher teaching in Marysville at the time. They moved to Trail and Vic died several years ago.

Carl married Jean Cameron of Chapman Camp and they had one daughter Joan. They moved to the Okanagan near Kelowna. Albert used to play a violin in the orchestra with the Evans brothers. He worked as a carpenter at the Concentrator and is now living in the Trail Area.

Mr. and Mrs. Hild are both deceased and are buried in the Kimberley cemetery.

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