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Kimberley Families

The Gold Family
as told by Jean

David Gold hails from Kerrimuir, Scotland, where he took an apprenticeship as a blacksmith before coming to Canada. Relatives and friends had told him of employment in the mining area of British Columbia.

He had married Jean Duncan also from Kerrimuir, in 1919 and had two children before he left for Canada to look for work in 1924.

He by-passed the mines in Crowsnest and came directly to Kimberley. Jean had an adventurous uncle that had prospected in the area years before, so he knew a little about the country. Besides, David's older sister had married Harry Paterson and the Patersons had come out about the same time.

He sent for Jean and the two children, and his mother, Elizabeth Gold, came along too.

Their first home was a shack along Mark Creek just below the main portal, but they moved to McDougall Townsite as soon as a house was available. Three more children were born: David and Marion were born in Scotland, Alex (Sandy), Rachael and Arthur were the three born in Canada. They all attended school in Kimberley.

David worked in the Blacksmith Shop at the Mine (later known as the Steel Shop) for thirtynine years. In 1948 they moved to Marysville just five miles south of the Mine. David retired in 1962. When the Lions Manor in Kimberley was completed, David and Jean moved in. It is a beautiful building especially designed for elderly couples and singles. David passed away in 1975 and Jean still resides in the Manor. David liked curling, fishing and hunting. He was a drummer in the Kimberley Pipe Band for many years.

Their son, David, married Pauline Thomas and works for the Company at Elkford. They have four children: twins Jeff and Greg, Jill and Robin.

Marion joined the Air Force and was stationed in High River where she met Ansley Green. They reside in Pincher Creek where he operates a grocery store. They have four sons: James, David, Robert and Jerry.

Sandy died at age sixteen.

Rachael worked at both the Townsite and Chapman Camp cookhouses before she married Bill Powers. He had joined the Calgary Highlanders during the war where he met the Scott brothers. After the war he came to Kimberley to work. He is a millwright at the Concentrator. They have three daughters: Sandra, Donna and Vicki. All are married now. Sandra is in Calgary, Donna on Gabriel Island and Vickie in Red Deer.

Arthur married Edna Brown, the daughter of Harry Brown, and they have two daughters: Debbie and Linda, and a son, Allan. They reside at TaTa Creek.

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