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Kimberley Families

The Fleming Family
as told by daughter Thelma

William (Billy) Shepard Fleming was born in 1877 at White Haven, Cumberland, England. He came to Canada in 1896when he was only nineteen. He travelled around a lot for the next eight or ten years. He married Nellie Bramlett in Hood River in 1906.Miss Bramlett was from Oakland, Oregon. They came to live in Moyie where Billy worked at the mine. It was here that they met the Tom Miller Family.

After a year or so, they moved to the Top Mine at Kimberley. They purchased and cleared property in Meadowbrook. Billy, with the help of friends, built a log house where they lived until 1920. They called this the "stump ranch".

Thelma was adopted after they left Kimberley, so does not know too much about their activities while they resided here. She does remember her mother commenting on the good times they enjoyed. Her mother loved to dance, and would work all day and dance all night whenever there was a dance. They were good friends of the Billy Barr's, the Kavanagh's, the Tom Miller's, and the Well's, all of whom had come from Moyie.

Another incident that Thelma recalls, was a horse her folks owned. Her mother referred to it as a hateful horse, she would have to go out in the deep snow to catch it so Billy could ride to work. He also hated the horse. When he got his first car, Mrs. Fleming said he drove it just like he did the horse.

They moved away to Penticton and later to Longview, Washington. Billy died in 1948 and Mrs. Fleming in 1962. According to Thelma, the Flemings always had fond memories of their years in Kimberley.

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