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Kimberley Families

The Ellis Family
as told by daughter Edith

George Ellis was born in Bristol, England in 1894. His father died when he was only twelve years old. His mother was the former Lydia Bidder and she married Johnny Horman before they came to Marysville in 1910.

Johnny took up a homestead near Marysville and got work at the Top Mine. George struck out on his own in 1913 when he went to Greenwood to work. By 1914 he was back working at the Top Mine only to return to Greenwood, where he joined the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders in 1916 and went overseas. He was wounded in the Arras Cambria Drive in France.

On his return he got a job as cook for a dia- mond drilling crew on Sullivan Mountain above the Top Mine. He married Vi Roberts in 1920 and she also did some cooking in the camp while living in a tent for that summer.

George built a house in Marysville on the bank of Mark Creek where Ken McKenzie now resides, and he worked at the Concentrator for a time.

During the 1930' s he had a wood business with Stan and Herb Roberts, near St. Marys Lake, where he handled a team of horses. For several summers he was the cook for the geological survey crews in the area.

He was stationed in Nelson in the Reserve Army during the 2nd World War for part of the time, and was a security guard at the Concentrator gate for the Company for the rest of the war.

George and Vi had two children; Edith and Ellen who died while still an infant. Edith received her elementary schooling in Marysville with Miss Dewar, her first teacher, followed by Miss Henderson. She attended high school in Kimberley. She had to catch the Star Stages very early each morning and walk home unless she was lucky enough to catch a ride. In summer she used a bicycle.

Edith worked at the Concentrator during the war and it was here she met Royce Jolie who was data boy at the time. He joined the Navy and saw action in the Atlantic. They were married in 1945 in early December and were living in Summer's subdivision. Three weeks later they had the misfortune of losing their home in a fire on Christmas night. They lived with her parents for awhile.

They have four children: Harvey, David, Judine and Calvin. Harvey went to work for the Company as a heavy duty mechanic until he lost an eye. He is now a supervisor in the warehouse, a third generation working for the Company. He married Marilyn Corbett and they own and operate Mac's Market and Laundromat on Townsite. They have two children; Paul and Sara.

David is a drywaller in Kimberley working on many of the newly constructed buildings. He married Sharon Lea and their two children are Darcy and Stephen.

Judine works for Finning Tractor in Cranbrook and her husband, Bryon Mitchell, is a meat cutter for Safeway. They have two children: Rebecca (Becky) and Patricia (Tricia).

Calvin works in Calgary for Revelstoke supplies.

In the mid 1940's, Marysville was again begin- ning to expand. George and Vi moved across the highway to the house the Bidder boys had built and they opened up the Marysville Building and Supply. George did the manual labour and Vi kept the books. She was also a very active person in the growing community. She was a very devoted member of the Laura Keer Church, working in the Women's Auxiliary as treasurer for many years. She sang in the choir and taught Sunday school. Vi and her sister, Doris, were members of the Marysville Hospital Auxiliary from the time it was first organized in 1955.

When Marysville had an open air skating rink, George would referee most of the hockey games that were played there for both the senior and junior teams. Vi passed away in 1976. She is greatly missed by all who knew her. George joined her in 1978.

Royce and Edith recently built a new home at Wycliffe, near the rodeo grounds, overlooking St. Marys River. Royce is a shift boss at the Mine.

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