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Kimberley Families

The Crowe Family
compiled from Cominco Magazine

In 1904, Lloyd Crowe was fourteen years old when he started work in a general store in Moyie, B.C. With four years experience he decided to try his own hand at owning and operating a general store. Teaming up with his brother, Elliot, they started a business under the name of Crowe Brothers and their general store in Moyie soon became a popular place to buy groceries, etc. Although they were both youngsters they were very successful until the St. Eugene Mine closed down in 1911. This caused a local depression and they were forced to cease operations and sell out their stock.

Lloyd was not discouraged at this turn of events and moved to Cranbrook, B.C. where he got a job with Campbell & Manning, driving a delivery rig. It didn't take long before his deter- mination and industriousness were recognized and he was promoted to the position of head clerk.

In 1913, business began to slip and the out- break of war in 1914 caused a depression period in the district. Going to Trail in 1916, he again teamed up with his brother to open another grocery store. Leasing a building next to the Trail Cafe they started to outfit and stock their new store. During the process of organizing the business, many people in Trail advised the young brothers to get in touch with Bob MacLeod who was working for Camille Lauriente. The Crowe brothers were interested and a meeting was arranged where the plans of the new store were outlined. Bob was very interested and the following day went down to the store and, laying his share of the capital on the table, said "count me in" .

The resulting partnership was to become one of the most successful businesses in Trail. Crowe Brothers and MacLeod soon became well known for quick, courteous service and fair prices.

When the store was sold to the Company, Lloyd went to Cranbrook for a holiday. When he returned to Trail two weeks later Mr. Evans, the manager of the Company Store, offered him a position in the store. Lloyd accepted, but only stayed three months before moving to Wycliffe, where he had been offered a very attractive position managing the general store for the Otis Staples Lumber Company.

It was in Wycliffe that Lloyd developed his latent talent for sports administration and organization, and within a short time he was actively engaged in hockey and baseball.

In 1925 Lloyd and Bob MacLeod met in Kimberley and started Crowe's Retail Service, Limited, which proved to be very successful and before long they had a staff of twelve and three delivery trucks.

When Bob MacLeod accepted the position as manager of the Mark Creek Store in Kimberley, Lloyd bought out Bob's share and operated the store until he sold out to Safeway in 1933. Lloyd worked for Safeway for three months before accepting an offer to work for the Mark Creek Store.

Lloyd Crowe was very active in community affairs and particularly in sports. He was President of the Kimberley Dynamiters Hockey team and was responsible for the appropriate name, "Kimberley Dynamiters".

He stayed with the store for eighteen months and in May, 1935 accepted the managership of the Company Store in Trail.

In 1953 when the store was sold to the "Bay", he went to Riondel to manage the Company Store there for two years.

Lloyd served on the Trail School Board for thirteen years as a member of the Board and then as chairman. He was honoured for his services by having a High School named after him in 1935.

Mrs. Crowe was very active in the Kimberley United Church as a Sunday School teacher and President of the Ladies' Organization. She was also an active member of the Eastern Star Lodge. After leaving Kimberley she carried on with her church and lodge work in Trail and Riondel.

Mr. Crowe passed away in 1964 at the age of 74 and his wife in 1975 at the age of 80.

Mr. and Mrs. Crowe had three daughters: Pauline, Mrs. George Page, of Riondel, B.C.; Isabel, Mrs. Michail Burrows, of Rossland, B.C.; and Eileen, Mrs. Don Mickaily, of San Mateo, California. They have five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

The three girls were educated in Kimberley and they were all active in school sports. Pauline won the Kimberley Ski Queen Contest in 1934 and was sponsored by the Gyro Club.

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