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Kimberley Families

The Burrows Family
as told by son, Art

Arthur Burrows and an older brother, Wilfred, were born in Truro, Nova Scotia. As young men, they worked their way across Canada, working on farms along the way until they reached Trail.

It was there they began working for the Com- pany at the Concentrator. Having gained some experience, they were transferred to Kimberley to the Concentrator that was under construction in 1922.

Wilf did not stay in Kimberley very long and went to work for the Hudson Bay Mining Company at Flin Flon, Manitoba. Art remained here and first stayed in the bunkhouse in Chapman Camp and ate his meals in the cookhouse, where he met a young waitress, Hazel Herchmer. They were married in 1928. Their first home was a tar paper shack until the houses were built across the tracks in what is known as Upper Chapman Camp.

Art was a member of the Camp baseball team for a few years and he enjoyed gardening. He worked at the Concentrator for forty-five years and retired in 1967, as Chief Flotation Operator.

Art and Hazel had one son, Arthur Jr., nicknamed Babe. He received all his elementary schooling in Kimberley and attended two years at U.B.C. in Vancouver. He began working for the Company during the summer holidays in 1945. His first intention was to study for dentistry, but by 1949, he was involved in survey work for the Company with Pete Brennan. He continued to work at such jobs as underground surveying, long hole drilling and spent six years at miners contract in the Mine office.

Babe went on to the Planning Department where they planned pillar layout for extraction of ore. He now is the supervisor of land ad- ministration on all surface holdings on mineral claims around Kimberley.

Babe married Maxine Staples of Cranbrook in 1950 and they have four children, Kenneth, Jacqueline, Sharon and Judy.

Kenneth is a teacher at North Alberta Institute of Technology. He is married and resides in Edmonton. Jacqueline is an accountant in Vancouver. Sharon is an accountant in Lethbridge and Judy is a sales clerk at Eaton's in Calgary.

Babe enjoys skiing and has just completed three years on the executive of the Ski Club. He was made committee chairman of the proposed Mine Museum at the Ski Hill and this is still being considered. He is a member of the Eagles Lodge and has filled all the chairs. He is also a call fireman for the City Fire Department.

Mr. and Mrs. Burrows are still residents of Chapman Camp and it will be a few years before Babe retires.

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