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Kimberley Families
The Archibald Family
as told by Son Bill

Archibald (Archie) Archibald was born in Codenheath, Fifeshire, Scotland and married Barbara Black from Kirkcaddy. He was a conductor on a transit bus that travelled between the two small communities and Dunfermeline. They had two small children, Mae and Margaret, before they came to Canada. Encouraged by an older brother, George, living in the Lethbridge area, they came that far and spent the first year. In 1925,they heard of the construction and expansion going on in Kimberley, so they moved here in 1926. A son William (Bill) was born while Archie was working on construction at the Concentrator. They lived in Chapman Camp and then moved into Kimberley, renting for awhile. Two more daughters were born, Barbara (Buzz) and June.

In 1936, Archie was transferred to Big Missouri in Northern B.C. for five years. The family lived in Vancouver for three years, but returned to Kimberley in 1941. Archie and Barbara purchased a small house in Marysville, a few years before he retired in 1961,after working thirty-three years for the Company. Barbara was a very active person in the community. During the war she worked diligently for the Red Cross; she was a member of the Eastern Star; the president of the first P.T.A. in Kimberley; a very active member in the Hospital Auxiliary and was responsible for organizing a second Hospital Auxiliary in Marysville.

She was a worker for the W.A. of the Presbyterian Church and a representative of the Cancer Society in Kimberley. They were both Members of the Caledonign Society. Mrs. Archibald was named Citizen of the year for 1967.

Barbara Archibald

Their eldest daughter, Mae, worked at the Home Inn Cafe before her marriage to Russell Shaw, who went to school at the Top Mine when he was young. He was employed by the Company and retired recently. They have three children, Barbie married an R.C.M.P. officer and lived in Ottawa for awhile. Their son Bill is now Town Planner at Red Deer, Alberta. Larry lives in Cranbrook and works at the Pulp Mill at Skookumchuck. During the time the children were in school Mae worked for the Post Office and has just recently retired.

Margaret was one of the women working at the Concentrator for a time during the war, before she joined the Air Force. She married Bruce Pringle, a Provincial Police Officer at the time. Bruce started working for the Company on the construction of the Fertilizer Plant in the early 1950's. They have two adopted children, Robert (Bobby) is now employed by the Com- pany and Diane is attending U.B.C. at present.

Bill first went to work for the Company, but joined the Forces for a year in 1944. He came back to work for the Company but in 1951 he went to Korea with the Royal Canadian Engineers for two years. On his return, he worked a year at Riondel, then was stationed in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for three years from 1953 to 1957, with the Black Watch. It was here he met Peggy McAuley and they were married in 1955. They have four children; Linda and Norman, born in New Brunswick and Ruth and Debbie, born in Kimberley after their parents returned here.

Linda is employed by B.C. Hydro and lives in the little house in Marysville that her grand- parents bought. Norman is employed by his Uncle, Bill Hryciuk, in Cranbrook. Ruth works at MacDonald's Hamburger House in Cranbrook and Debbie graduated in June of 1978.

Barbara (Buzz) married Bill Hryciuk. Bill came from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, to play hockey for the Kimberley Dynamiters, first working for the Company in the mine shops. He went into the Plumbing and Heating business in Marysville for years and just recently has opened a new store, "The Thunderbird", in Cranbrook, after twenty-seven years in the business. They have three children, their eldest son, John, is the manager of the new store. John married Mary Ann Erlitz and they have a home on the airport road near Wycliffe where they live with their two children. Son, Bruce, lives in the new part of Black Bear Subdivision of Kimberley and has an accounting business in Cranbrook and Kimberley. He married Shirley Shonsta who had two sons by a former marriage and they now have two girls of their own, Riley and Sasha. Shirley works in the Kimberley Branch of the accounting firm.

Daughter Donna is employed by B.C. Hydro in Cranbrook and is married to Leigh Grainger, a logger working up St. Marys Valley.

Archie and Barbara's youngest daughter, June, worked in the offices of the Company for several years as well as working in Edmonton and Vancouver before her marriage to Lou Castagner. They reside in Fernie. Lou is Pit Superintendent for Kaiser Resources of Sparwood. They have a son and a daughter.

Archie's younger brother, Alec, also came to Kimberley and worked as a timberman for the Company. He passed away in 1976 and his wife and daughter, Margaret, still reside on Buchanan Street. Margaret is employed in the Loan Department of the Royal Bank.

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