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The Torquays

The Torquays were a Meadowbrook band that was together from around 1963 to 1965.
At one point near the end of the band, Gary Loewen left and was replaced by Roy Osing on drums.

They were frequently joined by the Torquettes who were 4 girls from Jaffrey that handled all the vocals

Bud Decosse - guitar
Rob Young - guitar
Allan Young - saxophone
Barry Loewen - bass
Gary Loewen - drums
Roy Osing - drums

Lorne Westgate - manager

Torquays Band

Allan Young - saxophone, Barry Loewen - bass, Gary Loewen - drums, Rob Young - guitar, and Bud Decosse - guitar

/ Special thanks to Barry Loewen for supplying the picture.

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