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Reason started playing around 1973 and and continued into 1980.

Reason 1973

One of the earliest version of Reason (around 1973) was Bill Baerg with:
Bass - Earl Banman
Drums - Cliff Banman
Guitar - Pat Ronahan

Reason 1974

At some point in early 1974 Reason consisted of Bill, Cam Zemp (drums) Dale Zemp (bass) Gary Malone (guitar).

Later that year, and in to 1975, Reason consisted of Bill, Brian Varty (drums) John Gerlitz (bass) Gary Malone (guitar).

Around October of 1975 Reason consisted of Bill, Cam Zemp (drums) Terry Cook (bass) and Doug White (guitar).

1976 (possibly) started at the ski hill with Bill, Brian Varty (drums), Gene Anderson (bass) and Mike Turner (guitar).
/ Fairly early that year Mike went to California and was replaced by Pat Rohahan.
// John Gerlitz replaced Gene shortly after.
/// I believe when Mike returned from California Brian, Gene and Mike joined up with Kenny Payne to form Northwind.

For a brief while late in 1976, Reason became the 'New Shoe Review':

Reason / New Shoe Review

Bill, Dennis Pepin (drums) Garry Anderson (bass) Pat Ronahan (guitar)

In 1977 Reason consisted of Bill, Jerry Bird (drums), Earl Banman (bass), Gord Herman (lead) and Tino Ferraro (keyboards).

- - - - - - - -

Reason Ski Hill 1979

Reason January 1979, consisted of Terry Cook (bass), Bill, Danny Tanner (drums) and Gary Malone (guitar).

Cindi Kutrieb (vocalist) joined Reason while the band was still doing the 'house gig' at the Kimberley Ski Hill.

Reason Cornation Park 1979

Reason at Cornation Park

Later in the year Eddy Johnson replaced Danny Tanner on drums.

Reason 1979

Towards the end of the year, Rick Rausch replaced Ed Johnson.

In 1980 (final year), Reason (at various times) had Bill, Earl Banman (bass), Gord Herman (guitar), Cindi Kutrieb (vocalist) Dari Majors and Cliff Banman (drums) Fred Izon and Tino Ferraro (keyboards).

Cindi Bill Earl and Gord

Reason Ski Hill 1980 Cindi Bill Earl and Gord

Cindi Bill Earl and Gord

Reason Ski Hill 1980 Cindi Bill

Cindi Bill

Reason Ski Hill 1980 Cindi Bill Cliff and Earl

Cindi Bill Cliff and Earl

Reason Ski Hill 1980 Cliff Earl and Gord

Cliff Earl and Gord

Song List

Bad Moon Rising, Blue Skirt Waltz ,Blue Suede Shoes,
Bobbie McGee, Cheating Heart, Dear Abby, Dog Named Blue
For the Good Times, Hard Hearted Woman, Hound Dog
Jailhouse Rock, Kansas City Star, Make it Through the Night
Mama Don't Dance, Margaritaville, Never Ending Song of Love,
Proud Mary, Rock Around the Clock, Shoes Keep Walking Back,
6 Days on the Road, Tennesse Waltz

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